The Crane serum is a fear drug created by Gerald Crane.


Obsessed with overcoming fear, after being paralyzed with terror during the burning death of his wife, Dr. Gerald Crane began harvesting the adrenal glands of people in high-intensity fear situations, killing these victims with their own phobias, in order to maximize their state of terror at the moment of death.[1]

The glands were used in a serum of distilled cortisol that forced the subject to see their greatest fears, in the hope that seeing said fears would allow them to face and overcome said fears. Crane took the serum himself, and became completely fearless as a result of overcoming his fear, ultimately resulting in his death when he charged into the gunfire of Harvey Bullock and James Gordon. As shown with Crane's son, Jonathan, a high enough dose of the serum being injected could force the subject to see their fear constantly.[2]

Hugo Strange took to employing the serum in his procedures at Indian Hill, such as using it on Oswald Cobblepot in order to rehabilitate him and change his personality.[3]


Season 1

Season 2


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