Burke is the current mayor of Gotham City.


Three months following the chaos caused by the Alice Tetch virus, Burke succeeded Aubrey James as the Mayor of Gotham City. During a meeting with Oswald Cobblepot, Mayor Burke tells Penguin that he can't unionize crime. Cobblepot insists that he is the reason that the streets are safe, and says that now only professionals will be committing the crimes. Burke and the unnamed police commissioner present reluctantly agree to Cobblepot's proposal.[1]

Victor Zsasz tailed Sofia Falcone and told Penguin that Sofia had paid a visit to Mayor Burke and the zoning commissioner.[2]

Under Sofia Falcone's suggestion, Mayor Burke promoted Jim Gordon to police captain which Gordon was reluctant to accept at first. Mr. Penn told Cobblepot about this.[3]

As Mayor Burke was nowhere to be found, Oswald Cobblepot asked Sofia about his whereabouts where she had no idea where he was. After walking away from Cobblepot, Sofia called Jim Gordon to let him know that Mayor Burke is laying low outside of Gotham City.[4]


Season 4


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