Bugsy was a captive in Francis Dulmacher's basement.


Bugsy along with Clint, and several others were approached by Fish Mooney, who asked them whether or not they wanted in on her escape plan, to escape on the boat outside of the gate. Though he was hesitant at first, Bugsy mentioned to Fish that he heard a helicopter land the other day, suggesting they should fly off the island, instead of going to the boat. His suggestion however, was rejected by Fish, after she asked whether or not anyone knew how to fly a helicopter, which they didn't. Joining in on her plan, Bugsy and the others were told to go through the gate, which Fish had already unlocked, and to get onto the boat. As the group went to the gate in an attempt to open it, Clint voiced to the rest of the group that it had all been a setup after discovering the gate was locked. The entire group was then caught by The Catcher and his men, and shot to death.[1]


Season 1


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