The Battle for Arkham was the conflict between the Falcone Crime Family and Maroni Crime family over control of Arkham Asylum.

The Beginning

Mayor Aubrey James and other city councilmen planned to re-open and refurbish the old Arkham Asylum building to provide housing for the mentally ill (Falcone's plan), but other city council members wanted to use the old building a waste disposal site (Maroni's plan).[1]

First Strike

Maroni hires professional hitman to change the vote by killing council member Ron Jenkins who was backing Falcone's play by stabbing him with a kind of telescope device with a knife inside it, changing the vote to back Maroni's play.[1]

Sending a Message

Falcone hires the same hitman to assassinate council member Zeller to change the vote back, but wanted to send a message to Maroni and the public. Under the order of Falcone, Gladwell puts Zeller into a barrel and pours gasoline on him in front of the Arkham building. Zeller tries to reason with the hitman, saying he would change his vote and support Falcone, but his pleas go unanswered as Gladwell lights the barrel on fire, buring him to death.[1]

When the GCPD find out that both Jenkins and Zeller have the same kind of puncture wounds, they realize that the assassin is working for both crime families.  Upon visiting a prisoner who knows the hitman, Gordon and Bullock look for Richard Gladwell at an office building. As Gordon heads to the back, Gladwell works on his steel spike. Before Gordon could take action, Bullock calls him away to show him the files on Jenkins and Zeller, enabling Gladwell to flee. They find a paper that reads C.L.M.[1]

Final Target

Oswald Cobblepot calls Jim Gordon to warn him that Gladwell is going to strike again, tonight under Maroni this time, but Cobblepot isn't certain who is the target. Gordon figures out that Mayor James will be the next target, due to the C.L.M. referring to the initials of the officers sent to protect the mayor. Gordon ends up in a fight with the hitman until Bullock arrives to back him up. The hitman is then gunned down by Bullock and Gordon before he can finish his job.[1]


Even though Aubrey James is saved from Gladwell, he's become spooked by both Crime Families so while he still backs the play to refurbish Arkham, he allows Maroni to build a waste disposal site and gives him the contract to refurbish Arkham Asylum, while Falcone handles small housing developments.[1]


Falcone Crime Family

Maroni Crime Family

  • Sal Maroni
  • Richard Gladwell (Also worked for Falcone)


City councilmen

Known Casualties

  • Ron Jenkins
  • Ron Jenkins' associate/ body guard
  • Zeller
  • Richard Gladwell


Season 1


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