"I am tired of sitting at the kids' table. If I'm right, we can have way more than vengeance. We can have it all. We don't need to go to war. All we need to do is start one."
—Barbara Kean to Tabitha and Butch when realizing Oswald was in love with Ed.[src]

Barbara "Babs" Kean is a former art gallery owner in Gotham City's Art District and Jim Gordon's ex-fiancée. Barbara is also a former Arkham Asylum inmate and a former Maniax member. She was a crime boss running The Sirens nightclub with her partner Tabitha Galavan until she was defeated and killed by the latter. League of Shadows' leader, Ra's al Ghul, used the waters of the Lazarus Pit to revive her. After having sold weapons to the gangster of Gotham City, she reopened the Club with Tabitha and Selina Kyle. As Ra’s successor, she could emit glowing energy from her hand to summon the League of Shadows' members, making her the new Demon’s Head, but when Tabitha was about to get killed by a revived Ra’s, Barbara chose to give up her powers to save her; however, the female members of the League of Shadows chose to continue following her.  She later killed Ra's a second time with Bruce Wayne's help, causing the male member of the League to pledge themselves to her, but she instead chose to have them killed. While villains are now claiming territories all around the city, she and Tabitha decided to continue running the The Sirens nightclub and also decided to no longer accept men in their territory.


Early years

Growing up Barbara had a strained relationship with her parents, causing them to be estranged more or less.[1] At an unknown point in her life she entered a romantic relationship with Renee Montoya, though it ended after a year.[2] Several years later Barbara later got into a relationship with Jim Gordon while he was in Gotham's Police Academy. Eventually they fell in love and he proposed to her and became his fiancée.[3]

Jim Gordon's fiancée

Jim arrives at Barbara's penthouse, while entering the room, Barbara tells him that he looks good in his new uniform, and that she lied about liking the one he had before, they then kiss. Barbara is ready to go out but Jim asks her to stay at home because he's tired, she accepts and says he owes her. Jim then shares with Barbara the details of the investigation of Bruce Wayne's parents murder. He admits that he feels out of his depth but she says she doubts it, before kissing each other.


Barbara's first scene.

Later, Renee Montoya pays Barbara a visit and attempts to convince her that Jim is morally corrupted, she tells her that Jim murdered an innocent man, Mario Pepper, and that he killed a gangster named Oswald Cobblepot for mobster Carmine Falcone, which is actually not true.[3]

When Jim tells Barbara about the child snatching case and admits his frustration that he can't go to the press. Barbara grabs the phone and anonymously phones the newspaper.[4]

When Montoya enters her home with the keys that Barbara had given her some time before while they were still together, Barbara comes out of the shower with a marijuana cigarette and confronts Montoya. Barbara takes the keys back from Montoya and tells her that she is just trying to lie to her so that she would leave Gordon and return to her, but the two kiss briefly before Montoya leaving the penthouse.[5]

Jim looking up to see Oswald Cobblepot at the door

Barbara answering the door for Oswald.

Barbara is then introduced to Oswald Cobblepot under the alias of "Peter Humboldt" before he's walked out to the street by Jim. Later at her penthouse, Barbara asks Jim who is Oswald Cobblepot.

Barbara ends up confessing that she and Renee had previously been in a relationship that only lasted a year.[2]

Barbara confronts Montoya and offers to tell her anything that she might find out in exchange for her leaving Jim alone. However, Montoya refuses because she already had a witness and a warrant for her Gordon.[6]

After Oswald Cobblepot is discovered to be alive, Barbara is held captive at the hands of Butch Gilzean. Butch begins harassing her and reveals that Jim did not kill Cobblepot as he was told. Gordon returns home and ends quickly defeats both Gilzean and his associate. Fearing for Barbara's life, Gordon takes her to the bus station where he asks her to leave for a few days until he gets to solve the situation. Finally, she reluctantly listens to him. She later returns to beg for Jim's life to Falcone, and he has Victor Zsasz watch her. Zsasz later brings her out to Gordon, and she apologizes to Jim.[7]

Barbara, totally consumed by her fear of Zsasz, gets Jim's spare gun after drinking several glasses of wine. He then tries to calm her down, lying to her and telling her there were no monsters. Barbara later calls Jim, he tells her he was going to call her back as he was in the middle of something. She later leaves when she realizes that she couldn't bear the burden of which Jim had to carry.[8]

Barbara Kean and Renee Montoya in bed

Barbara and Montoya.

Barbara leaves the town and leaves a note for Gordon saying she's afraid and can't be brave enough to stay. Barbara later listens to Gordon call as she sleeps in bed with Renee Montoya.[9]

Barbara was shown to have regretted leaving Gordon as Renee tries to convince her to let her talk to Gordon. Renee then decides to leave Barbara since they used to do drugs when they were together years before and she was afraid to make that mistake again. When Barbara later calls up Gordon's penthouse, Ivy Pepper answers the phone and states that she is a friend of Gordon. Mistakenly assuming that Gordon has another woman in his life now, Barbara tells her to "Go to Hell."[10]

Barbara goes to see her parents and asks if she can stay at their house for a few days.[11] She later comes home to find Selina Kyle and Ivy Pepper in her apartment.[12]

She then goes to the GCPD to see Jim just to find him kissing Dr. Leslie Thompkins.[13]

Barbara, disappointed after having lost Jim, redirects her attention to Selina attempting to advise her on how to use her beauty as a weapon against men. Selina expresses little interest in this.

Kidnapped by The Ogre


Barbara with Jason confronting her parents.

Barbara then becomes involved with a man who is in fact, The Ogre.[14] He is about to kill her, but he then realizes that she is the one for him.

After going to "The Wayne Charity Ball" together, The Ogre kidnaps, brainwashes and makes Barbara choose her parents for him to murder. When Jim and Harvey Bullock show up, The Ogre presses a knife to Barbara's throat. Jim shoots The Ogre, whose knife slides across Barbara's throat, cutting her. Leslie patches Barbara up and she thanks Jim for rescuing her.[15]

While chatting with Leslie, Barbara kept asking her how her relationship with Jim was going, then she starts talking about her parents in a negative light. To Leslie's horror, she revealed that she was the one who killed them.


Barbara tries to kill Lee.

Leslie recognized that Barbara had become unstable and tries to flee, but Barbara chases her with a knife, and the two women get into a fight. Leslie manages to knock Barbara out.[1]

Abduction From Arkham


Barbara arrives at Arkham.

Barbara was taken to Arkham Asylum, which was mostly populated with men. Jerome Valeska advises her to make a friend, so Barbara seduced Aaron Helzinger, and asked him to protect her. She later approached Richard Sionis and asked for a phone. Sionis says he helps his friend if they help him. Barbara got access to a phone and called Jim. She attempted to convince him that Leslie was the one, who attacked her, but Jim hung up. Barbara and the other inmates were sprung by Theo Galavan and offered the chance to become a group that would terrorize Gotham.[16]

Barbara had a relationship with Tabitha Galavan and they whipped Mayor Aubrey James together. Barbara said she was bored and wanted to know when her time was coming. Theo said soon and asked her to tell him about Jim. Barbara lured Jim away while The Maniax attacked the GCPD. Jim cornered her in an alley and told her she was sick and needed help. Helzinger attacked Jim, and beat him up, into Barbara ordered him to stop. Barbara told Jim she wasn't sick; she was free. She teasingly told him she should get back to work, and implied something happened while he was absent.[17]


Barbara at the fundraiser.

Barbara Kean later accompanied Jerome Valeska into holding the people at the fundraiser at the Gotham Children's Hospital hostage. Upon Leslie Thompkins getting caught by one of the hired help, Barbara had her placed onto a spinning wheel. After Theo Galavan had killed Jerome during his fight with Gordon and Alfred, Barbara used the magic box to escape.[18]

Barbara comes into Theo's office and admits that she and Penguin had met before. She then gives Cobblepot her drink.[19]

When Butch Gilzean comes before Theo Galavan looking for a job, Barbara mentioned that he had held her hostage previously. Though she and Tabitha excitedly suggested things to put on his stump.[20]

Barbara threatens Lee and Jim.

Tabitha Galavan later assisted Barbara Kean in a plan that resulted in the abduction of Jim Gordon where he was brought to a nearby church.

She even assembled some hostages and a priest while sporting a wedding dress. After Tabitha arrived with a captive Leslie, she planned to marry Gordon in front of Leslie. When the police raided the church, Tabitha escaped while Gordon followed Barbara up to the top of the church. When Barbara started to fall out the window, Gordon grabbed her. Before ending up hospitalized upon letting go and falling into the bushes below, Barbara told Gordon where Aubrey James was.[21]

In a coma


Barbara in a coma.

As a result from the fall, Barbara was placed in an induced coma and transferred to the medical wing at Arkham Asylum.[22]

Barbara was still in a coma at the time when Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins had Nora Fries held in Arkham Asylum's medical wing as part of a plan to keep Victor Fries from getting to her.[23]

Awakening from her coma

News of Jim Gordon being found guilty for the murder of Carl Pinkney were heard on the radio at Arkham Asylum's medical wing. This caused Barbara to awake from her coma as a nearby nurse discovers this and arranges for Hugo Strange to be informed.[24]

Barbara was part of a group therapy that was overseen by Hugo Strange and Ethel Peabody. She expressed remorse for her actions stating that she was manipulated by the voices in her head and that her coma got her rested from them. Hugo Strange then releases Barbara from Arkham as he tells Ethel that he plans to study her. Barbara later found Gordon at his current place of residence.[25]


Barbara helps Jim.

Barbara told Jim she was all better now, but Jim still didn't trust her. Barbara wanted to help Jim with his investigation of the Wayne murders, but he threw her out of his apartment. Barbara later shows up at the women's club when Jim attempted to interrogate "The Lady", who ran an assassination business. Barbara earned her trust and helped her capture Jim. She talked "The Lady" into revealing what Jim wanted to know about the Wayne murders by acting like she wanted to kill him and use this last piece of information to taunt him, and then helped free him. Jim asked why Barbara wanted to help him, and Barbara said he was the first thing she thought of when she awoke from her coma. She thought if she helped him, he would look at her the way he used to. Jim says this changed nothing, and leaves Barbara heartbroken. Barbara later shows up on Butch Gilzean's and Tabitha's doorstep, and Tabitha takes her in.[26]

After being creeped out by her strange behavior, Butch kicked her out of his mansion.[27] Barbara was invited back to the mansion when Oswald Cobblepot returned to Gotham. Oswald wanted her help in figuring out where to position a lamp, made from the decomposing head of Grace Van Dahl. She later went to the GCPD to find out from Jim where Hugo Strange was hiding. She quickly realized that it wasn't Jim when he made inappropriate comments to her, and she slapped him, revealing him as an imposter to the GCPD. Barbara phoned Oswald from the GCPD to tell him what she found out.[28]

Nightclub Owner


Barbara laughing.

At the beginning of the third season, Barbara and Tabitha Galavan remain in a romantic relationship and run "The Sirens," their own high-end nightclub. The two are defiant of Penguin and his criminal organization, but remain untouched because of the history that they share and because of the small usefulness they provide him. Penguin allows them to continue to operate unperturbed, although he seems to consider them a thorn in his side.


Barbara finds Tabitha and Butch.

While searching for an abducted Tabitha, Barbara discovers Penguin's feelings for Edward Nygma and his role in the death of Isabella. She reveals this to Nygma, turning him against his former friend. When Nygma comes to "The Sirens" seeking Penguin's destruction, she announces that she has concocted a plan to depose Penguin and take over Gotham's underworld herself. She is able to convince Nygma, Butch Gilzean and Tabitha to help her carry out her plan.

Queen of Gotham

Once her plan has succeeded, she takes her place as the underworld's new queen, with Tabitha at her side. She rules from her nightclub and is just as ruthless and demanding as her predecessor.


Barbara is the queen of Gotham.

As a favor for Jim, she interrogates a dockworker for information about the weapon that the Court of Owls is having brought in. She discovers that the package has already arrived, but her interrogation is cut short by the arrival of a new Talon.

In order to maintain control, Barbara comes up with a plan to kidnap Jervis Tetch, who is needed to make a cure for the Tetch Virus that has engulfed Gotham. Unfortunately for Barbara, Nygma double crosses her and takes Jervis to make an exchange for Oswald with Jim. Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch show up, and a gun fight breaks out. Nygma flees, and Barbara tells Tabitha and Butch to let Nygma go, and focus on getting Jervis back. Jim, Harvey, and Jervis eventually flee to an abandoned werehouse, being chased by Barbara and her gang the whole time. As they look for Jim, Barbara tells Jim she knows he and Lee have the virus, and that Lee wants to "take her head off". "Is it weird that kind of makes me like her?" Barbara quips. Suddenly, Barbara hears a scream, and finds Jervis with a large cut in his throat.


Barbara is about to kill Butch.

Barbara and her gang pack up to head to their safe house, knowing that all of Gotham will be after them. Barbara confronts Butch, and says she knows they were planning to kill her. Butch says that if it wasn't for Tabitha, she would have been dead a long time ago. Barbara asks if he is saying Tabitha wasn't involved, and Butch says she wasn't. He was going to kill her and then play dumb when they reached the safehouse. Barbara sneered that he would playing to be his strength. Butch said she was always making fun of him because of all her tough talk, she missed Tabitha, who made her a better person, and Barbara gave that all up, so she could play queen for a day.

Butch tells Barbara she's pathetic, and pulls out a switch blade, saying Barbara never deserved Tabitha. Barbara shoots Butch through the head and says "we'll see".


Later, Tabitha walks into the old, wooden safe-house calling Butch and Barbara's name, with no reply. She sees a small metal box on the table, she opens it to find Butch's metal hand inside. Before she can react to the sight of Butch's hand, Barbara walks up behind her, pointing a gun at her, and asking if killing Nygma was really that important to her. Tabitha ignores the question and asks if Barbara killed Butch. Barbara avoids the question saying Butch told her Tabitha had nothing to do with trying to kill her and whether that was true, to which Tabitha replies that it doesn't matter.

When Barbara requests for the pair of them to forget this ever happened and go back to being partners Tabitha again asks if she killed Butch as she needs to know if they can move forward. Barbara hesitantly replies that she did kill him but she wasn't given a choice. Tabitha almost breaks down in tears before exclaiming that there is always a choice before throwing the metal hand at Barbara.

Barbara drops to the ground as the hand shatters the wooden wall behind her. Tabitha grabs her whip and restrains Barbara's hand, causing her to drop her gun and then pulls Barbara towards her. She stops Barbara from falling to the ground, and then immediately throws her into one of the walls which she falls through before being picked back up and slammed against another wall where the pair briefly share a passionate kiss before Barbara headbutts Tabitha away. Barbara tackles her into another wall, but Tabitha quickly throws her off. Barbara tries to climb away on her hands and knees, but Tabitha grabs her head and slams her into another wall, choking her for a few seconds before Barbara removes one of her own earrings and slashes it across Tabitha's face, forcing her to retreat momentarily.


Barbara's body.

Barbara then grabs a sharp piece of wood from the wall and runs at Tabitha but she ducks and hits Barbara through another unstable wooden wall. Barbara notices her gun just feet away from her, she goes for it while Tabitha retrieves her whip. Tabitha attempts to hit the gun out of Barbara's hand but appears to have "missed". Barbara then laughs and taunts her by saying "How many times have I told you not to bring a whip to a gunfight?!". With the smile still on her face she notices too late that Tabitha's whip is coiled around a large lamp which she pulls down at Barbara's feet, on top of a large puddle of water, causing it to break and electrocutes her to death. Barbara falls to the floor, smoke pouring off of her pale, burnt skin. Tabitha looks at her body with little to no remorse on her face, stating that now they can move forward.[29]

Working with Ra's Al Ghul


Barbara returns.

Her body was later recovered by Ra's al Ghul, he used water from the Lazarus Pit to revive her, first rubbing some on her forehead and then pouring the water into her mouth. She awoke and took an extremely deep breath, Ra's told her that he knew she had a very troubled mind that no one liked her. Barbara, looking terrified, explained that no one likes her but she doesn't know why, Ra's then told her that in the event of his death she will become the next demons head. After this, Ra's trained Barbara in the art of hand-to-hand combat for at least 3 months and then sent her out into Gotham as his eyes and ears. Using Ra's al Ghul's resources, Barbara built a new business dealing in weapons trading as a means to and end of remaking a name in Gotham's criminal underworld under The Penguin's control. She sought out both Tabitha once more and Selina Kyle and offered them an "opportunity" to work alongside her in the weapons business. Barbara clearly having changed somewhat seems calmer than previously which is what stayed Tabitha's hand against her as she refused her offer. Not soon after The Penguin heard the rumors of her survival and plans to open an illegal weapons business, offering her the chance to operate the business so long as she acquires a license under his jurisdiction and pays running fees. Reminding her that he will be keeping a close eye on her to crush any idea of her attempting to usurp or turn against him again. After the convincing of Selina, Tabitha returned to Barbara with an ultimatum as collateral in return for Tabitha and Selina working alongside her as well as proving her loyalty, Tabitha would cut off her hand. Just as Penguin had done to Butch two years prior and just has Nygma had done to her less than a year ago. Barbara is willing if it will prove her loyalty, but as Tabitha brings a butcher's knife down on her wrist she misses purposely stating that she'll start Monday.[30]

Under the orders of Ra's Barbara was instructed to retrieve a special knife from Penguin. Selina Kyle was sent to Penguin's shipping boat but came back empty handed. Barbara stated she was not mad and decided to retrieve the knife herself. She arrived at The Iceberg Lounge and asked Penguin to give her the knife and even


Barbara and Ra’s.

offered to triple the price given at auction, Penguin laughed and refused to give it to her. At the auction Barbara first offered up $100,000 but was quickly beat down by Bruce Wayne who offered up $100,001. It wasn't long before she got extremely irritated at Bruce, even calling him a "spoiled brat", Bruce then offered up $2,000,000 and before Barbara could offer up anymore money Penguin swiftly sold the knife to Bruce, Barbara, annoyed, congratulated Bruce and left the auction. Later, Barbara was visited by Ra's who asked if she had the knife, when she explained Bruce Wayne had it, Ra's told her that it was fine and he wasn't mad, he explains the knife is the key to everything Barbara explains. not everything, and they both kiss.[31]


Barbara talking to Jim.

Ra's shows up at Barbara's lair and apologizes for being late and Barbara complains that his guests, Anubis and The Hunter, don't do much for the vibe of her place. Ra's explains they wouldn't be necessary if Barbara got the knife when she was first asked, she asks why this knife is so important and Ra's explains it was made 10,000 years ago. Barbara just nods along as Ra's give Anubis something to track down the knife. Later, Jim enters Barbara's building and she wants to catch up, but Jim asks if she had anything to do with the murder of Niles Winthrop, who had the knife in his possession when he was murdered. Barbara explains to Jim that she was running her business the night Mr. Winthrop was murdered and she had witnesses. Jim asks who she got the money to open her own business from and she tells him that she got it from a client, Bruce storms in and asks if she got it from Ra's al Ghul. Barbara tells him she doesn't know who or what he's talking about, Jim grabs Bruce and they both leave.[32]


Barbara visiting Ra's Al Ghul.

When Ra's gets captured and taken to Blackgate Penitentiary Barbara visits him. She asks what the end goal of all of this was but gets no answer, she then proposes that she will break him out and they go back to her lair but Ra's declines the offer. He asks Barbara to put her hand on the glass between them and she does so,as their hands glow with a mysterious light for a second and she pulls away swiftly. Barbara asks what just happened and he explains she will see,as he tells her goodbye and she walks off.[33]

The Sirens

At her lair, Barbara explains to Tabitha and Selina that she is shutting down her weapons business. She tells them that Ra's was bankrolling her but now that he's dead she has no chance of keeping her business alive. Later, while Barbara is giving Tabitha her final pay cheque, Tabitha gets a call from a nervous Selina who tried to steal money from a motorcycle gang. Tabitha hangs up and asks Barbara to come with her to save Selina, Barbara refuses and an annoyed Tabitha quickly leaves to save he friend. While there Tabitha and Selina both get cornered until Barbara walks in, she asks if the thugs ordered Thai food they tell her they didn't and she quickly announces that she doesn't have any and guns them all down. She snatches the money from Selina, takes some and begins to walk off. Selina asks her if this means they're over, Barbara tells them that they're both coming back to "The Nest" and the three walk off.


The Sirens in Cherry's.

While in The Iceberg Lounge, Barbara, Tabitha and Selina are confronted by one of the thugs they stole from and he demands that Penguin get rid of them. They argue until Mr Penn walks in and explains to Penguin that Ed is making fun of him in a clown show in The Narrows. In a fit of rage Penguin murders the thug that was arguing with The Sirens and asks them to go to The Narrows and bring Ed to him by nightfall, they agree. While going there Barbara asks Selina what goes on in Cherry's and Selina explains that it's a fight club. Tabitha exclaims that she can't wait to get her hands on Ed and Barbara agrees. Once at cherries the three are shocked at Ed's clown show as it is really not like him to do something so dumb, Tabitha wanders off to find Butch, who now goes by Solomon Grundy, while Barbara goes to talk to Lee. She puts her hands around Lee's eyes telling her to 'guess who' when she turns around with a gun. Lee then hits Barbara across the face with her gun. Barbara asks if she'd like to do it again but she refuses. Barbara then asks what Jim thinks of the new Lee, she simply replies with "Jim who?" Barbara tells her that the conversation was interesting and walks off. While searching for Ed Barbara comes across Selina who has him tied up and is ready to leave, Barbara is surprised that she could do it so fast and they both go to find Tabitha. They find her trying to restore Grundy's memory but he sees that Barbara and Selina have Ed and gets angry. Barbara tells Grundy to back off until Selina proposes that Butch fight Tabitha and the winner can take Ed, everyone agrees.


Barbara kills Cherry.

While Tabitha is getting ready to fight, Barbara suggests she takes a weapon but Tabitha tells them she'll be fine. During the fight Grundy begins to over power Tabitha and knowing that she could die, Barbara tosses a weapon into the ring and Tabitha hits Grundy across the face, she does this a second time which knocks him to the ground. Barbara and Selina jump into the ring and Barbara grabs Ed and holds a gun to him. Firefly charges in and makes everyone back off, Barbara is pleased that Penguin sent backup and smiles at Ed until Firefly tells her that she missed the deadline. Barbara explains that they got Ed and they could just bring him to Penguin right now. Firefly smiles and is about to burn them until Lee shoots her in the back sending her flying into the wall. Lee reveals that Cherry is the one who brought Firefly into her club to get Ed and everyone turns on her. Cherry tells them that The Sirens work for Penguin and that they are the problem, Barbara then shoots her in the head and exclaims they just quit working for Penguin and everyone cheers. The Sirens then quickly escape the club but not before Barbara takes one more look at Lee, who smiles back, Barbara then runs off.

While Sofia Falcone is attempting to use her car to escape Penguin's attempt of killing her, she is grabbed and knocked out by The Sirens with Barbara remarking that "things are finally looking up". They take Sofia back to their lair and explain that they plan to use her to get Penguin to back off, not knowing that Penguin and Sofia were at war. Sofia quickly tells them that she has been using playing him for months, trying to take his empire from him. Barbara and Tabitha don't believe her at first but Selina thinks she could be telling the truth.


Barbara after the building’s explosion.

Barbara knows that Falcones learn to lie before they can read so she doesn't trust Sofia. Barbara plans to still blackmail Penguin into leaving them alone and knows that Penguin will want Sofia whether she's his friend or his enemy and asks to get him on the phone. Penguin gets the phone from Zsasz and Barbara greets him with a friendly hello. He asks what she's doing with Sofia, she explains to him that they thought Sofia was his best friend at the time they kidnapped her. Penguin asks for a price for Sofia and Barbara tells him that she wants to keep her gunshop, not share profits with him and that they work alone from now forward. Penguin agrees and tells her he'll send Zsasz to collect Sofia. The Sirens are suspicious of Penguin as it didn't take him long to agree to their offer and sense that he is plotting against them, Sofia explains that he couldn't wait for Barbara to hang up the phone and that they need to get out of the building. Selina tells Tabitha and Barbara that they should listen as Zsasz is standing outside with a rocket launcher. He shoots the building and it goes up in flames with The Sirens and Sofia just narrowly escaping. Barbara promises to snap Penguins beak in two.


Barbara at the meeting with Penguin.

Later, They kidnap Penguin's friend, Martin, and bring him into their car. Barbara thinks he's cute but Tabitha just calls him creepy. They bring him to a secluded location and wait for Penguin to arrive, once he does Barbara watches as Sofia and Penguin throw insults at each other but Sofia ultimately lets Martin go. The Sirens and Sofia think they've won until Penguin blows up the car Martin was in and begins shooting at them, they all duck for cover behind a car. Back at Sofia's mansion, Sofia begins explaining their future plans and how their going to overthrow Penguin, Barbara tells her that she had her shot and missed. The Sirens begin to leave until Sofia tells them that they have nowhere else to go except with her and they stay.

At the Iceberg Lounge, Mr Penn is getting ready to leave with some of Penguin's henchmen when The Sirens break in and take them all out, leaving Penn defenceless as Sofia reveals herself. Tabitha then tortures him, looking for a way to locate Penguin, Tabitha finishes and explains that he doesn't know where Penguin is when Sofia gets a phone call to meet her father at Falcone Manor, worried, the four hurry there. When they arrive Barbara asks if Sofia is ever going to tell them why there at the manor when Carmine Falcone walks out in front of them. He kisses Sofia on the forehead and greets Barbara, saying it was good to see her again after the last time he kidnapped her. Sofia then tries to explain to him that Gotham rightly belongs to her and iit is her birthright, showing obvious disappointment on Falcone's face, causing him to slap her. Carmine asks her if sleeping with Jim Gordon was really a good part of her plan, Barbara shows shock at the fact that her new partner slept with her ex-fiancée. Sofia attempts to finally get him to understand when Penguin walks out and Zsasz appears and points his guns at The Sirens, Sofia attempts to shoot him but is unsuccessful as her father stops her. The three then get taken to another building by Penguin's men who are attacked and begin being shot at by the GCPD, when Barbara asks one if they could just let them go since they already have their hands full he turns and is about to shoot one of them until he is shot in the back of the head and killed. The Sirens then have an idea as his gun drops next to Tabitha, she tilts her chair until she falls, grabs the gun and kills the other two henchmen and the three escape. Later, after Penguin is arrested, Barbara and Tabitha head back to the Iceberg Lounge that they now own again, decorate it and officially reopen it as The Sirens Club again.


Barbara initially appeared to be a kind, caring, selfless and moral individual. She risked her own life to save Jim, by going to Carmine Falcone and pleading for Jim's life. She has an addictive personality, as she is shown to have been addicted to alcohol and drugs in the past. She ended her relationship with Jim Gordon, because she did not feel that he included her in his life; and he did not provide emotional support for her after she was held captive by Carmine, as well as the fact that she is afraid of being around the dangers that Jim brings as a police detective.

Upon leaving she resumes a relationship with Renee Montoya, who breaks up with her because Barbara had relapsed into abusing drugs. She goes to see Jim at the police precinct but finds him kissing Leslie, and flees.

Unknown to anyone at the time, Barbara is (secretly) mentally unstable.

After she was forced to kill her parents (off-screen) by Jason Skolimski, Barbara's unstable nature had awoken. She tells Lee that she killed her own parents, attacks Lee and tried to kill her with a knife - because Lee is now Jim's girlfriend.

Since her psychotic break, Barbara has openly become arrogant, aggressive, violent, immoral, unstable and delusional.

After Barbara comes out of her coma, she apparently has guilt and remorse for her actions, and was apparently horrified at what she had become/done. Although she claimed she was sane after being released from Arkham, she seemed to suffer another psychotic break after Jim rejected her.

After being broken away by Jim, Barbara's psychotic personality resurfaced, as she shown to be cold and conniving. She has little respect for authority of any kind and is prone to a violent and sadistic nature.

Following Barbara's resurrection, she is shown to be calm and now possesses much more comprehension than before.

During her brief time as the new Demon's Head, Barbara became filled with delusions of grandeur but ultimately limited ambition. Even so, after awakening the Demon's Head she gave it up back to Ra's to save Tabitha, showing that despite the self-interested criminal she is she still values those she cares about and it was this display of loyalty that earned her the continued loyalty of the female members of the League of Shadows.

Powers and Abilities

Former powers

  • Mystical energy: As Ra's' chosen successor, she could emit glowing energy from her hand, which acted like a beacon to summon the League of Shadows' members.
    • Temporal rewind: Using the Demon's Head, Barbara was able to undo her death, as well as Tabitha's at the hands of Ra's by turning back time by a few seconds.


  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Barbara has shown to be quite good at coming up with plans and tactics in order for her and her team to come out on top. She is also a very skilled leader and was able to run the underworld of Gotham and be the leader of The Sirens.
  • Network: As a prominent figure in Gotham and its underworld, Barbara has connections to many other crime families and this fact is known to most people as Jim always goes to her when he needs answers. She has became known quite a bit in Gotham.
  • Skilled manipulator: Barbara has shown good skills in the art of deception and manipulation as she was able to lead Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock into a trap.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: After being resurrected by Ra's al Ghul, Barbara was trained alongside the League of Shadows and was later able to fight against Ra's.
  • Expert marksmanship/Firearms: Barbara is an expert in using firearms has been able to shoot people directly in the head from very long distances such as when she shot Cherry.


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Gotham: A City Gone Mad


  • Originally it was stated that Barbara would be an Emergency Room Doctor. However, this appears to have been changed as it was revealed in "Pilot" that instead she is the owner of an art gallery.
  • The show's version of Barbara, is the first to be presented as a bisexual character.
  • Although Barbara's character is (initially) based on Barbara Gordon, the first wife of Jim Gordon, however, she has many similar attributes to Harley Quinn.
  • Barbara Kean is the second character to harvest powers, the first was Fish Mooney.
  • Barbara shares some similarities with Fish Mooney:
    • Both women attempted to overthrow the crime boss running Gotham at the time as Barbara wanted to overthrow Oswald Cobblepot and Fish wanted to overthrow Carmine Falcone.
    • Both women were killed by people they worked with and both were later resurrected, with Barbara being killed by Tabitha Galavan and Fish being killed by Oswald.
    • Both women became friends again with the people who killed them, with Tabitha and Barbara teaming up again with Selina Kyle and Fish Mooney teaming up with Oswald Cobblepot, Bridgit Pike and Victor Fries.
    • Both women owned nightclubs that were taken over by Oswald Cobblepot, as Fish lost the Mooney's and Barbara the The Sirens Club to him.
    • Both women are also mortal enemies of Cobblepot.

Behind the scenes

  • The character of Barbara Kean was created by Frank Miller and Dave Mazzucchelli and first appeared in Batman #404 (February 1987), the first part of the Batman: Year One story. She is known to be the first wife of James Gordon and mother of his children. The character has been known as Barbara Eileen Gordon & Barbara Kean-Gordon (depending on the writer). An earlier version of the character, who was simply referred to as Barbara Gordon, first appeared in World's Finest #53 (August 1951), created by David Vern Reed, Dick Sprang and Charles Paris.
  • Barbara's mental instability and her status as a criminal is a nod to her sociopathic son in the DC comics, James Gordon Jr..
  • The numbers on the plate number for Barbara Kean's car on the show is shown to be 5381. This was possibly made to reference James Gordon's wife's first appearance on World's Finest #53, while 81 refers to the year where she was first referred to as Barbara. 
  • In "A Dark Knight: One Bad Day" Barbara explains to Tabtiha how she loves the Gotham clocktower and how Jim took her there on a date once. This is most likely a reference to Jim and Barbara's daughter with the same name who used the clock tower as her apartment and base while fighting crime as Oracle.


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