Judge Bam Bam is a judge in Gotham City.


Jim Gordon requested warrants from Judge Bam Bam to search three different pharmaceutical companies selling a drug that Dollmaker's minions Patti and Doug were using to abduct street children.[1]

Jim Gordon asked for Alvarez to obtain him some blank arrest warrents which he plans to fill out in order to have Mayor Aubrey James and Carmine Falcone arrested for their crimes and corruption.[2]

When Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon arrive at a drug location run by Arnold Flass, they encounter Derek Delaware and his fellow detectives who rough the two men up. Derek then tells Bullock and Gordon that they had a legal right to be at the drug site due to a warrant signed by Judge Bam Bam giving them the right to be there.[3]

During the manhunt for a revived Theo Galavan following his attack on the Gotham City Police Department which resulted in Nathaniel Barnes getting wounded, Harvey Bullock tells Tom to contact Judge Bam Bam on the phone to obtain a search warrant to search all of Arkham Asylum.[4]

Due to Dr. Maxwell Symon having uber-connections following his arrest at the hands of Nathaniel Barnes, the Gotham City Police Department received an order from Judge Bam Bam to have him released. Barnes did not take the news of that lightly.[5]

Gordon tells Bullock that a person working for Judge Bam Bam states that Ra's al Ghul's trial for the murders of Niles Winthrop and Alex Winthrop has been delayed.[6]


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