"We will wait for Mr. Cobblepot to send instructions!"
—Mr. Penn give orders to other gangsters

Arthur Penn commonly known just as Mr. Penn, is an accountant working for Carmine Falcone, Oswald Cobblepot and Sofia Falcone, former high-ranked member of the Cobblepot crime family.


After Jim Gordon arrests a criminal carrying one of Penguin's licenses, Arthur Penn visits Bullock at his office. Penn tells Bullock that Penguin worries about Jim being compliant, but Bullock assures him that the GCPD will honor the licenses.[1]

Arthur Penn informs Penguin that 14 percent of crimes are happening outside of his Pax Penguina. Sofia Falcone comes in and asks Penguin to come with her to lunch. Sofia tells him that it would show everyone that he has the support of the Falcone family, which could help to get him 100 percent compliance.[2]

Jim comes into The Iceberg Lounge, to see if Penguin has any leads on Officer Dave Metzger's murder. Arthur Penn informs Jim that a man named Wally Clarke recently applied for a burglary permit for a butcher shop called The Pork Barrel. Later, Zsasz and Penn present Penguin with evidence that Sofia seems to be up to something behind his back. Penguin tells Zsasz they will "visit" Sofia immediately and find out what she's doing.[3]

The Sirens raid the Iceberg Lounge at the time when Arthur Penn was waiting for Cobblepot to send further instructions. Tabitha Galavan tortures Penn on where Cobblepot is. She is unable to get any information out of him.[4]

While looking for something they can use on Sofia Falcone, Harvey Bullock meets with Carmine Falcone's former Scandinavian hitperson Agnes who directs them to Arthur Penn. When encountering Oswald Cobblepot on the streets after Edward Nygma helped him escape from Arkham Asylum, he informs them that Arthur Penn tends to frequent a spa at the tri-corner outside of Gotham City called Spa Bo'sh Sumka. As Gordon and Bullock head there, Sofia gets word from Victor Zsasz and Headhunter that Arthur Penn is at Spa Bo'sh Sumka causing Sofia to lead them and some Falcone crime family members there. Gordon and Bullock find Arthur Penn there amongst the baby-dressed patrons. Penn states that he used to work for Carmine Falcone before his retirement. When he worked for Cobblepot, he had to also work for Sofia Falcone when he was threatened by her. In addition, Penn mentioned that he was the one who told Carmine what his daughter was doing. Just then, Sofia shows up with Zsasz, Headhunter, and some unnamed Falcone crime family members. Headhunter, Zsasz, and Sofia end up in a gunfight with Gordon and Bullock. While Sofia fought Gordon, Headhunter and Zsasz chased after Bullock and Penn. After the two of them escaped in Lee Thompkins's car, the Zsasz and Headhunter gave up pursuit and went to get smoothies when they saw the police cars come into view.[5]


Season 4


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