Arnold Dobkins was an Arkham Asylum inmate and a member of The Maniax.


Joining the Maniax

Arnold was rendered unconscious by the knockout gas that came out of Zaardon, and abducted by Tabitha Galavan. He and the five other abducted inmates were later offered the chance to become a team, one that would make Gotham City tremble, by Theo Galavan.[1]

Arnold joined the organization with no display of reluctance, since Richard Sionis served as an example of those who didn't joined (Sionis was brutally butchered). Their first action was to snatch several workers and a refueling truck from the Yellen Shipyard. They later brought them to toe rooftop of the Gotham Gazette building. After Jerome Valeska painted letters in the workers' clothes (making MANIAX) they threw them off the top of the building.

Their second action was an assault on a school bus. Arnold helped Jerome putting fuel in the truck, and when Jerome was about to light the truck up, his lighter failed, Arnold then attempted to light it up with his lighter. But the police arrived, Jerome and the other members of the Maniax escaped in the refueling truck while Arnold was lighting the bus, but he was knocked out by Jim Gordon who drove the bus out just in time. Arnold was then apprehended.[2]


Gordon asked Arnold who had hired him but before he could divulge the information, he was shot dead by Tabitha Galavan, who used a sniper rifle.[2]


Season 2


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