Alvarez is a detective who works in the Gotham City Police Department. He was infected by the tetch virus.


Working for the GCPD

Alvarez was one of the many cops to leave the GCPD building when Victor Zsasz came looking for Detective James Gordon.[1] When Gordon arrested a doctor with unethical practices that Alvarez regularly used as a source, Alvarez argued with him. He later was reluctant to assist Detective Bullock with searching buildings that were used to host Richard Sionis's fights, though he decided to help as long as Bullock agreed to keep covering with his wife.[2]

Later, when Gordon found enough evidence to prove that narcotics detective Arnold Flass was responsible for the death of Leon Winkler, a witness to a public homicide that Flass was responsible for, Alvarez and Essen were the first GCPD officers to step up and support Gordon in arresting Flass, particularly when the latter started threatening the former.

Infection and rampage

At some point during Tetch virus rampage, Alvarez is infected with the tetch virus and goes on a rampage. He guns down several officers before being stopped by Alfred and Lucius. It was possible that he was later cured after the antidote was produced and the terror was over.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • Even though his first name hasn't been revealed yet, he is based on a character from the comics named Carlos Alvarez, who is a detective in GCPD too. The character debuted in Catwoman vol 4 #4 (February, 2012). Not to be confused with an unrelated character of the same name, Sgt. Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez, who first appeared in The Losers comic book series (2003-2006) under DC's Vertigo imprint.


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