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"A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness" is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of Gotham. It aired on March 8, 2018.


Ivy tracks a secret project on which Wayne Enterprises is working and begins to target anyone that can give her information. Meanwhile, Jerome becomes obsessed with Penguin in Arkham. Also, Gordon begins to second guess his deal with Sofia and an unsettling dream sequence shakes up Bruce.[1]


  • Ivy Pepper mentions the events of Pilot by mentioning Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock killing her dad.
  • This is the first appearance of Batman, or as it named in the episode a "Shadow Figure" and also the fear of bats in Bruce's psyche.
  • In Bruce's hallucination, Gordon has his signature mustache from the comics. Also, Oswald Cobblepot is seen donning a top hat in the hallucination as well as being seen with a cigarette holder, a nod to how he is sometimes depicted in the comics.
  • After Bruce has his face cut off in the hallucination, his bandaged up face resembles the appearance of Hush, an enemy of Batman in the comics who impersonates Bruce Wayne.


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