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"A City Gone Mad: The Interview" is the second episode in a three part mini series set between "Heroes Rise: The Primal Riddle" and "Heroes Rise: Light The Wick". It aired on May 12, 2017.


Tabitha Galavan takes Johnny Battles and his film crew to an abandoned warehouse to begin the interview. Not surprisingly in a situation such as this, something goes wrong.


The car pulls into a giant abandoned warehouse. The film crew begins setting up, but Johnny Battles is unsure as to why the warehouse is a better filming location than Sirens Nightclub. Tabitha Galavan explains that it has more of a Gotham atmosphere. Tabitha tells Johnny to wait by the car, before disappearing into the warehouse.

Both Johnny and his assistant realize that they have never even been near the warehouse. His assistant discovers that it is a place called The Docklands, and she feels that they should leave, but Johnny assures her it will be fine. Tabitha reappears and tells them to hurry up and get the interview going.

The camera starts rolling and Johnny asks questions about Tabitha, but she does not answer. When Johnny asks how she likes working for Barbara Kean, it angers Tabitha. She angrily informs him that she does not work for Barbara, she works with Barbara. Before Johnny can apologize, Tabitha tells him that she has some questions for him. Johnny does not want the interview to go in this direction, but Tabitha ties him to the chair with her whip.

Tabitha begins interrogating Johnny about Dock 9C. Johnny tells her that it is owned by a shadow group known as The Court. Tabitha interrupts him, as she already knows about that. What she really wants to know is who the leader of The Court is. Johnny denies knowing anything about the leader, but Tabitha does not believe him. She follows this comment with "But that's alright. We'll get it all out of you." Johnny questions who 'we' are, but he then hears footsteps from behind Tabitha. The episode once again ends with a To Be Continued note.